BBC says people with disabilities forgotten about during COVID!

I can’t say I’m surprised at this because I’m living it. The BBC have done some research about the lives of people with disabilities during the pandemic. It doesn’t make good reading at all. You can read it here, Whilst I wasn’t part of the research I can definitely concur with the findings.

A brief summary of my experience is; I haven’t seen a physiotherapist since before the pandemic, same goes for speech and language therapist and occupational therapist. I didn’t have podiatry for nearly a year and now it is every 4 or 5 months (how fast do your nails grow?) My annual wheelchair service hasn’t been done for 2 years. But not to worry, if my wheelchair breaks I can sit in another chair. (Well I could if I had one but I don’t, so….) Essential services on my hoists etc not done in a timely fashion. District nurse appointments maybe every 3 months, after nothing for a year. I have to beg for my essential Botox injections. My dentist isn’t seeing anyone with disabilities. I could go on but you get the drift…

I agree with the BBC. I think those of us with disabilities are forgotten, – ignored and invisible. There wasn’t much on offer before, now it feels like there is nothing. I’m glad other people can start to get on with their lives. I wish we could get on with ours. It feels like time has gone back 50 years. The pandemic started in 2020, those of us with disabilities woke up in about 1970.

I really hope we can time travel back to the present day. Is the government listening? Is anyone listening?

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