Back in Whotopia!

The Doctor Who magazine, Whotopia, is back with Issue 37. I am incredibly pleased to say I have two articles published in this issue. You can read it here,

The first of my articles, is, very aptly called, ‘AIDAN MATEAR DELVES INTO THE TENTH DOCTOR’S COMPANIONS WHO WERE CALLED THE CHILDREN OF TIME’ (see pages 20-25) and it’s in this piece, that I present my view on, what I suppose we could classify, as, the main group of companions that accompanied the Tenth Doctor. I have been thinking about writing a article about them for a while, after encompassing elements of their journey into other pieces I have written, including, ‘THE ORIGINS OF THE TORCHWOOD INSTITUTE and HOW Captain Jack Harkness CHANGED IT’, and ‘WAS SARAH JANE REALLY A FEMINIST?’. Please feel free to check out my ‘”I’M TORCHWOOD!!!!!”‘ and ‘BREAKING NEWS – SARAH JANE SMITH ROVING REPORTER BOOK PUBLISHED!’ posts for my respective article / essay, as they are, respectively, in, the books, ‘What The Fans Think: Torchwood’ and ‘Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter’. Both of which are from PencilTipPublishing.

What inspired me to write this article, ‘AIDAN MATEAR DELVES INTO THE TENTH DOCTOR’S COMPANIONS WHO WERE CALLED THE CHILDREN OF TIME’, is the sense of family, the sense of belonging, the sense of support that Russell T. Davies championed throughout his Doctor Who era. Davies called this group the ‘Children of Time’ as a collective term to sum up his ‘Whoniverse’ family. As a Whovian, who’s introductory era to ‘the Whoniverse’, was the Davies’ era, and is the era which I am immensely proud to call ‘my era’, I have been thinking, whilst I was working on these pieces, and covering traits and features of them coming across, going on adventures with the Doctor, and then setting-up / getting involved in their own specific organizations, to protect and defend Earth from extra-terrestrial threats, as well as, helping, aliens. So, since I have encompassed the aspects of them, for my articles, I mentioned above, for the respective discussed, about how Davies used Torchwood Three / Torchwood Cardiff, as I say, I have written about them, in the respective pieces above. But, and I suppose, it was, especially when I was writing about the events of SERIES FOUR [SEASON 30] (2008) finale, ‘The Stolen Earth’ / ‘Journey’s End’, in these respective pieces, that I decided to write a piece, encompassing their entire journey, within ‘the Whoniverse’.

As I discuss in the article, “it goes beyond bloodlines, obligations and surnames. It’s not about gender, colour, race, or creed. It is about heart, it is about choice…”

The second article relates to the Doctor Who spin-off series, Torchwood. This is called ‘Categories of Life’, (see pages 48-51) and is a review of Episode Five of the fourth series, ‘Miracle Day’. It’s a reprint of a piece, I have previously published in the book, “What The Fans Think: Torchwood” in 2020. Please feel free to check out my ‘I’M TORCHWOOD!!!!!” post for all the details of the pieces I have in this book. – I am utterly delighted to have a piece republished so quickly!

There’s lots of other great ‘Whoniversal’ wonders in this issue as well. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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