Commendation from ‘Travelling The Vortex’

The Doctor Who podcast, ‘Travelling The Vortex’ have done a very favourable review on the book, ‘Sarah Jane Smith, Roving Reporter’. I was thrilled and humbled to hear them mention my name and discuss my essay ‘Was Sarah Jane Really a Feminist?’ I am really glad they liked it and were so complimentary about my writing and my interpretation of the character.

Catch their review on

It’s Episode 494 – ‘Next Stop, the Life and Times of Sarah Jane Smith’. The discussion of my essay is just over 8 minutes from the end.

They say they appreciate how I have examined the balance of how Sarah Jane is perceived as a feminist and then the way I have put it in the greater context of the show is a really good job.

Thank you Glenn Bartlett, Shaun Collins and Keith Miles at ‘Travelling The Vortex’.

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